The Divas Sung by Karen Meeks

The Divas developed within the Community

April 6, 2024 Concert at the Albright Center in Sunbury, PA

There are countless people to thank for their participation in helping us to bring this project into focus for the journey to full production. John Dever with the Small Business Development Center in Kutztown, PA helped me to secure the first funding for the project from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Denny Hummer and the SBDC at Bucknell University team in Lewisburg, PA are continuously assisting with a multitude of aspects of the Diva project growth.

 Thanks to the Blue River Soul Band for their commitment to this project and for the beautiful notes that they play. BRS is  Dr. Richard Findlay (keyboards/producer), Chris Minnich (drums/development), Ted DiCola (saxophones/ horn section leader), Andy Seal (bass, tech) and Michael Hickey (guitar). 

Thanks to the American Blues Horn Section, Doug Riley, Todd Hunter, Ed Smith, Ron Bixler and Brett Rynhart under the direction of Ted DiCola.

 Marina Gilbert and Earl Weeks because they do everything, all the time and we thank you both. 

Thanks to Jeffry Foote and Lexi Berecin for dancing beautifully. 

Janice Koman and Lori Wilson thanks for research and support. 

Thanks to Annie Clark for managing more than the stage. 

Thans to Tom Troutman for dispatching sound angels. 

Thanks to Mike Swank for lighting the way to the stage.

Many thanks to Stan and Mike Piaskowski, Amy Thomas, Cindy Peltier, Steven Stumbris, Amber Amato de Guerrero, Lora Kobel.

Band Family thank you for everything….Ruth DiCola, Amy Minnich, Nathan Minnich, Kim Findlay, Kristin Burns, Kate Findlay Hagstrom, Isabel Dahan, Chayton Meeks-Owens.

Jody Ocker, Anna Paparcone, Kendy Alvarez, Nygea Williams, Jillian Wert, Beth Taylor and family. 

Loreto (Larry) Mancini, the Blue River Soul Band thanks you for featuring us at the Italian Terrace when it was open in Milton, PA. 

Thank you to Cindy Garis-August, Bethany Sweger, Cindy Gnech and the CPUCC congregation for support and blessings.